Stewart Owen Ford

Stewart Owen Ford is an Entrepreneur, businessman, venture capitalist, business mentor, and philanthropist.

The following are the results of the survey. Stewart Owen Ford's more than 35-year commercial career has encompassed several sectors, from renewable energy to fintech. Throughout his career, he has helped raise almost £5 billion for venture capital funds, renewable energy projects, and structured investments.

Roles and responsibilities at the moment

Stewart has been investing in startups since 2004. He sees this role as a chance to help people get closer to their goals by helping them bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. He has formed several companies over the years and is ready to provide advice based on his vast knowledge at every industry level. Stewart's major objective has always been working with exceptional people. He has played a significant role in helping his friends and colleagues advance in various professions based on their knowledge.

Stewart is the appropriate VC partner due to his expertise and career successes. Stewart recognizes and uses a company's most valuable assets wherever he goes. He is a valuable asset in the corporate sector because of his capacity for situational adaptation.

For instance, Stewart immediately saw that the fund manager he was dealing with had potential. He advised creating a unique venture capitalist trust to advertise his skills. The manager finally succeeded in raising a large sum of money.

Several sectors, such as finance and renewable energy, are Stewart Owen Ford. During his career, he has helped raise almost £5 billion for venture capital funds, renewable energy projects, and structured investments.

Work History

There are several Income and Growth Venture Capital Trusts that Steward has created. He sat on the boards of these PLC firms, where he offered his commercial understanding and practical approach to issue resolution, both of which had measurable benefits. These trusts made investments in renewable energy assets in addition to considerable growth potential AIM-listed firms. These investment trusts profited from Stewart's capacity to attract substantial amounts of investment cash through his financial distribution networks, notably for renewable energy assets.

Zig-Zag Communications, a new media marketing and design agency was one of the businesses Stewart launched that bears his name. The firm eventually became the most well-known corporation in Scotland at the time. Zig-Zag would produce publications for the Scottish Television Group, including magazines, pamphlets, and even television ads that were filmed and edited.

By following current trends, Stewart was able to climb the entrepreneurial ladder. In 1991, he opened his facilities in the United Kingdom after seeing the success of commercial digital photography studios in the United States. By focusing on interactive CD-ROMs, digital corporate presentations, and data storage/warehousing in the 1990s, Stewart helped several companies transition to the Internet era.

Stewart Owen Ford founded Keydata UK LTD after being well-known in his field and becoming the top provider of financial goods and information to 30,000 financial investment professionals. Stewart's main area of interest is this industry, which is quite dynamic because of changing customer tastes. He has seen changes in how individuals invest, what they invest in, and what motivates these changes. They have the tools required to manage their customers' money in a way that will enable them to build a more robust portfolio since they share information with others.

Experience and qualifications

Stewart is a diverse individual with expertise in various industries, including publishing, marketing, renewable energy, and life settlement assets. He continuously evaluated what was effective and ineffective in each company he was a part of. His advice and ideas assisted in turning enterprises that were losing money into multimillion-dollar winners. While at Keydata, he bought the money-losing Fedsure-regulated company, gave it a new brand and emphasis, and turned it into a multibillion-pound investment company. To launch numerous of his ideas and amass almost 5 billion pounds in investment funds over time, Stewart played a critical role in developing the management teams and infrastructure.

Stewart sets up order and efficiency throughout sales, marketing, client services, and financial administration before standing aside to let the team finish the assignment. His talent for identifying people whose abilities complement one another increases production by lowering conflict. Over his career, this skill would bring forth some of the most significant gains. Stewart thinks being a leader entails more than just trying to take on every task. Establishing a company's fundamental "shape" and enabling capable people to fill in the gaps entails doing this.

Charity/Philanthropy Participation

After learning about his daughter's illness, Stewart Owen Ford founded the Ring Chromosome 20 Charity Trust in 2002. To help those with persistent seizures, Stewart also established a medical practice in New York in 2006. This group still supports the study of and information exchange about this condition.

Whether they are families, patients, or practitioners, the Foundation does all it can to encourage people to discuss symptoms and treatment results. As knowledge increases, significant discoveries on the best ways to treat those with the disease are more likely to be produced.

Stewart is also active in the Jeeps for Peace initiative, which donates 4x4 cars to Ukraine. They are sent to the battle lines to bring back injured troops and evacuated civilians. Supporters of Jeeps for Peace have delivered 36 cars thus far. To offer at least 100 Jeeps is his goal.


The bulk of Stewart's business mentoring connections were with managing directors in the publishing, renewable energy, and finance sectors.

He develops people's trust and deepens their bonds over time as a mentor. Technology has been at the center of the corporate world's lightning-fast advancement for a while now. For people Stewart mentors to be able to halt and understand current events and have a greater chance of foreseeing what lies ahead, Stewart's expertise and assistance are essential.


Stewart Owen Ford has expertise in various fields, including venture finance, renewable energy, publishing, digital photography, new media, and advertising. He moved away from day-to-day activities in 2007 because he felt his personal and professional assets were in good enough shape. He relocated to Switzerland for the next ten years and concentrated more on mentorship and philanthropic work after amassing a net worth of over £500 million.

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